‘SAHIB BANDGI’ What does it mean to Spiritualism or Religion.

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 Immortal Soul

Our Soul is not elemental, it is not the body or Mind or Consciousness that exist on support of elements. Soul is neither feminine or masculine. Therefore Soul is eternal and immortal, unlike elements that are mutually destructive.  Its true home is eternal world- Amarlok, the world beyond the three that God made.  Since it can exist without body it has no stomach, no need for food, water, cloth , shelter or sleep. Therefore, no need to work for money.

 Purpose of Religions- Diversion. 

Salvation or redemption or freedom of Soul is the Goal of human birth. With the desire to retain Souls within his domain of three world Almighty God bound the Soul in a mortal body with mind.  Religions work to support Almighty God, in his plan. They keep humanity diverted and busy entangled in Karma-Action and Dharma-Rituals or conducts.

The real meaning and purpose of ‘religion’ consists of two parts: ‘re’ meaning ‘again’ and ‘ligio’ meaning ‘to come together’. That is to say, ‘reuniting with God is religion’. Therefore at the highest Religion gives oneness with God or his heaven, but not freedom to our Soul.

Good actions/karma in human life qualifies one for higher wisdom, they develop reverence and humility in life. To such people devotional feelings are activated, devotion gives wisdom , wisdom makes life holy and help work for heaven or freedom of the Soul.

In the field of devotion worldly people have three choices.

Sagun Bhakti. Worship of forms.

Be devoted to one or another form of God ( Sagun Bhakti) at the end with good actions one may reach lower levels of Heavens, like Ancestral world, Gandharva loka etc. After spending years they take rebirth.

Nirgun Bhakti . Inner Yoga on Formless

Those who take to the inner path of Nirgun Yoga will not worship external forms, By controlling and regulating the senses they meditate on any of five Sounds/words with their respective mudras. They attain miraculous powers and divine vision, they can transcend time and space. At the end of life they merge in formless God and appear again in the next creation with new accounts.

Para Bhakti- Formless worship.

There are those who constantly worship and meditate on formless God all through their life they merge in formless God and emerge with new life in next creation.

Thus, with devotion to almighty God Soul remains trapped in embodiment and tossed up in karma and Dharma endlessly. Any thing external involves maya, and sensual pleasure here on earth and heaven are maya- delusion- not true. Therefore, the real Salvation is freedom from Body and mind that entangles our Soul. Salvation that gives immortal, eternal freedom. Therefore a eternal world.

With worldly Religions one cannot attain permanent Salvation. Bur a real Satguru can by his grace make one attain immortal world. This is not the path of self effort. Those who reach Eternal world-Amarlok never return into the worlds of Almighty God even in the next creation.

 The Spirituality or Spiritualism.The Path, Method, Goal and the State.

Eternal Freedom for The Soul is spirituality. The Goal, Path, Faith, Method, and State of attainment is different.  It requires rising above the religions and unconditional surrender for Salvation. Grace is won through surrender.

Satya Bhakti- Devotion to Satguru for grace- Kripa

Sant Kabir (1398–1518) revealed to the world the path of Satguru Bhakti- devotion to a real Satguru that can give eternal freedom- Param Moksh. He warned humanity about the dangerous world of Kal Purush, how people are deceived in the end. He said Satguru will free us from the chain of repeated birth and death with his power of grace. Directed people to surrender and serve a real Satguru, who comes with a soundless word- Satya Naam.

  • Daiva Dhinam jagat Sarvam, Sathyadhinam tu Daivatam
  • Tat Sathyam Uttama Dhinam, Uttamo Paradevata

………………………………………………..Says Srimad Bhagavadam

The entire creation is under the control of God. That God is under the control of Truth. That truth is under the control of noble ones. The noble people are greater than God.

When a Guru is equal to God – He say ” I am Brahmashmi” He does not pray, but meditate on formless. He is Jagadguru. ‘Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum’ They give Materiel benefits and heavens when pleased.

Guru above the God- He has no connection with any religions,

  • “Guru Hi Bade Govind Se“……….. Sant Kabir.

Such Guru is Satguru, who has the power to give permanent Salvation to his disciple. Kabir Sahib gave Satguru a higher position then God in Sant Matt.

However the world is sheepish. Everyone freely quotes from the Kabir Vani, but in actuality, they are only engaged in worship of Kal Purush.

Kal Purush is also known as Niranjan, who is also known as Nirakar (Formless) Adi Narayan, Adi Shiv, Adi Brahman, Consciousness (Mind), Ram, Karim, Brahma, Parmeshwar, Paramatma, Hari, Bhagwan, Alakh Niranjan, Aadhi Niranjan etc. by the worldly people. This Niranjan is given thousand names in Religious Scriptures. Almighty Kal Purush and Adi Shakti, along with their three children rule this Maya born creation.

  • Ved charon nahin janat, Satya Purush kahaniyan. Kabir

All the four Vedas does not know anything about the reality related to Param Purush (Satya Purush- Lord of Truth). They give no clue as to what happened before the creation and how the God and Goddess were created and given the elements, nature, Souls and knowledge of creation. That truth was denied to the humanity, God created his own worship and not his creator.

  • Duniya Jisko ‘Paramatma’ Maaney, Sohi ‘Kaal’ Koi Bheid Na Jaaney. Sant Kabir

The ‘Power’ who is ruling over the universe, whom the whole world considers and worship, as ‘God’; is no one else but ‘Kaal Purush’ (God of Death/Mind/Mann). This secret is unknown to the whole of humanity.

A hint is given in Bhagvad Gita about Overlord who created the Almighty God and Goddess of this cosmos. Everything in this creation is given as a boon for a time. He created all by the power of word- Soundless Sound.

BG 8.20–21. But verily there exists, higher than the unmanifested, another unmanifested Eternal who is not destroyed when all beings are destroyed. What is called the Unmanifested and the Imperishable, That they say is the highest goal (path). They who reach It do not return (to this cycle of births and deaths). That is My highest abode (place or state).

Almighty God was created in the Amarlok. The lower Unmanifested formless God of three mortal worlds- earth, hell and heaven is Almighty Kal Purush or Niranjan, whom religions worshipped as Supreme God. The Higher unmanifested lord of Truth – Satya Purush is the lord of the eternal 4th world Amarlok. Who is called as Sahib or Ram or Satya Purush or Param Purush by Sadhu, Sant and Satguru. They are sent into the world of God to free and return some Souls to Amarlok.

**Sahib Bandgi means My Salutation to the Satya Purush Sahib, the Supreme Lord of Truth.** When one surrenders, and serves a real Satguru (BG 4.34), then he/ she worships the Higher Unmanifested Satya Purush, Such devotion is called Satya Bhakti. Worship of Almighty God of creation includes an aspect of Maya, therefore, it includes Karma, Dharma, Yoga. Satya Bhakti is a process of surrender for the Grace of Satguru. It does not involve Karma, Yoga or any Rituals.

However, even the so-called saints and Prophets of today are unaware about the secrets of devotion to Param Purush. Therefore, they (Pirs, Paigambars, Rishis, and Munis) are misguiding their followers, unknowingly.

  • Niranjan Dhan Tumro Durbar, Jahan Tanik Na Nyaye Vichar.
  • Rung Mahal Mein Basein Muskhre, Pass Tere Sardar.
  • Dhoor-Dhoop Mein Sadhu Birajain, Bhaye Jo Bhavnidhi Par.
  • Veshya Aurey Khasa Malmal, Gal Motiyan Ko Har.
  • Pativrata Ko Milai Na Khadi, Sukha Niras Ahar.
  • Pakhandi Ko Jug Mein Adar, Sant Ko Kahain Labar.
  • Agyani Ko Param Viveki, Geyani Ko Moor Ganwar.
  • Kah-hin Kabir Faqeer Pukari, Ulta Sabb Vyavhar.
  • Sanch Kahey Jug Maran Dhaye, Jhuthan Ko Aitbaar.

—Kabir Sahib

Everything in this world of Kal Niranjan is abnormal. There is nothing like justice and fair play here. Here the hypocrites are accorded warm welcome while the followers of truth are made to suffer. The people of the world believe in all that the hypocrites and unreal sages say, but they do not care for what the Sants say.

Rig Veda calls for worship of lord of the elements; Powerful God of fire, rain, moon, sun etc, for grace. Almighty God obtained five elements and three Gunas by the grace of Sahib before creation. When these lords of elements are displeased then they become destructive. They destroyed many temples of God, Puri, Dwarka etc. Even lord of Sea refused to give way to Ram Ji to cross over to Lanka.

Therefore, Just as one says Ram Ram when meeting a friend or others, a disciple of a Satguru will say ‘SAHIB BANDGI’

Identity of a real Satguru.

It is Param Purush (Eternal lord who does not sleep), who sends a Satguru with the power to liberate Soul, He comes with the ‘Satya Naam” and Paras Surti (Power like a touchstone in his sight).

Satguru will not ask you to worship the Almighty God, Goddess or Demigods, He will not ask for change of religion

It is God who has bound your Soul in the mortal body with mind. Therefore Satguru gives no Yoga or ritual exercise. But uses his own power to free our Soul from Mind and body- Salvation. The Mind cannot end Mind permanently with any yoga.

Miracles and Siddhi powers are Rajasik in nature and belongs to the realm of Maya. Satguru will not display such power to attract people.

A real Satguru will not fulfill the desires of mind, but will make his disciple desireless. Kabir says that a real disciple will pray;-

  • Sahin Itna Dijiye, Jamey Kutumb Samaye.
  • Main Bhi Bhookha Na Rahun, Sadhu Na Bhukha Jaye.

O Lord! Give me wealth enough to support my family and to feed the sage if any that comes to my house.

A real Satguru will declare;

1.” I Do Not Consider Myself As Higher Than You.”

(All the Souls are from one Param Purush Therefore all are Poornam-Complete. Adhyatmik Bhava.)

2.” In All The Three Times, Past, Present And The Future No One Has Transcended My Level”.

(When a drop of the water falls into that ocean, it becomes ocean itself, nothing else. It does not matter what time it falls, In the Past, Present, or Future) It attains that quality and potency.

3. “The Thing I Possess Does Not Exist anywhere In this Universe”.

Kabir Sahib says “Paras Surti Sant Ke Pasa|”. There is a power in the Surti(Concentration) of a real Satguru. ‘Sajeevan Naam’ is given by Satguru with his Surati’. This Naam Gives Param Moksh. Satguru should be living to initiate the disciple. It is a process of direct transmission. There is no second medium.

  • Kaha Na Jahi, Likha Na Jayi. Bin Satguru Koyi Nahin Payi|.

Says Sant Kabir Sahib. True Naam can neither be spoken nor reduced to writing. None can get it without a Satguru , If some Guru gives mantra or Naam or word, which can be recited with moth or mind , he is nor a Satguru.

  • Par Lagan Ko Her Koyi Chahe, Bin Satguru Koyi Par Na Pavey|.

All want to cross the ocean of births and deaths here but none finds the way out without a Satguru, says Sant Kabir.

Satya Bhakti– devotion to a Satguru requires unconditional surrender ( Bhagvad Gita 2.16–4.34), self effort or Yoga are useless on the path of earning Grace of real Satguru.

BG 2. 16. The unreal hath no being; there is no non-being of the Real; the truth about both has been seen by the knowers of the Truth (Satguru) 4.34. Know that by long prostration, by question and by service, the wise who have realised the Truth will instruct thee in that path.

‘Sahib Bandgi’ is a reverential address to the eternal Lord of Truth (BG 8.20).

Ref; Kabir Sagar Book by Sant Kabir Sahib. Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagvadam. Sahib-bandgi.org


What is difference between Physical, Religious and Spiritual life? Can they coexist together?

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Eternal open ride;

Human life is rare to attain, freedom is attained through Body, Spirit is Soul under the grip of Mind and life fore(Breath) 

Soul= Truth

Mind= God

Atma= Soul + Mind

Spirit= Soul + Mind + Breath

 Individual= Soul + Mind + Breath + Body.

 Body defines Sex, Animal, Human, Divine or Demon.

The Soul is non elemental, therefore immortal and pure. Soul is enslaved and entangled in a mortal body by the mind.
Therefore, all that physical actions that are involved are not for our Soul. Body is a liability imposed by the God. God makes Soul engage is working as a slave.

Soul does the breathing for keeping the body function, move and alive. The Soul is entangled in the senses for seeking worldly pleasures by the endless and ever increasing desires of the mind.

Materialistic Life

Therefore worldly life is physical- and materialistic. It has the place of worship, prayer, Rituals, Offerings, Pilgrimage, Fastings.and Code of Conducts.

However, all religions speak of Attaining heaven for higher pleasures or Salvation.

What can Salvation be? It is Salvaging your Soul from that Body (Maya) and Mind. Both are imposed by God.

Religious Life

Religion means; ‘religion’ consists of two parts: ‘re‘ meaning ‘again‘ and ‘ligio‘ meaning ‘to come together‘. That is to say, ‘reuniting with God is religion’. It gives divine vision to see creation and miraculous powers.

Religion is an inward path, Path of Yoga of meditation that helps individual consciousness merge with Cosmic Consciousness- Cosmic Mind God who has bound the Soul. In the body for his own pleasure and pastime.

Spiritual Life

It begins with the blessing of a Knower of Truth- Satguru. He has that power of Satya Naam, the Power of Truth, the power of The Supreme Lord of Truth who created the God with word and a Goddess from God’s residue.

Satguru releases the Grip of Mind from the Soul. The Soul gets freedom from the Master mind and becomes master of Mind. The World of God loses its attractions and meaningless. Soul abides more in itself, You take to Minimalist life till the end of the allotted life and them, regain your immortal state and Eternal world free from the mortal world of God.

Material, Religious and Spiritual; they all have different approach, practices, means and  Goals. They cannot Co exist.

For the  Material or Physical  life; For those who love worldly life they have to observe Dharma related to Body and Actions. “Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha.” Dharma protects one who fosters dharma in life.  in other words, the Do’s and Don’ts for regulating one’s life. Heaven is its reward- Higher pleasure to senses.

For the Religious life: one Should desire God alone, therefore sacrifice all that material world offers. Be one with God, in Thought, word and deeds.

 For The Spiritual Life; Company of Knower of Truth is essential, It is the final destination- immortality and eternal world.

Which type of meditation did Buddha used to attain enlightenment?

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                                              BUDDHI YOGA MEDITATION

Buddha fixed his intellect- Buddhi on thoughts prompted by the  senses, Buddhi Yoga meditation. He became alert and attained illumination of his intellect- Enlightened Intellect, that can help discriminate on thoughts. Mind over matters.

This helps overcome path of misery. Art of living life with the opposites. Buddha seeks cause of misery and its solution.

He declared

Buddhaṃ śaraṇaṃ gacchāmi. I take refuge in the Buddha- Illumined Intellect

Dharmaṃ śaraṇaṃ gacchāmi. I take refuge in the Dharma- Righteousness

Saṃghaṃ śaraṇaṃ gacchāmi. I take refuge in the Sangha- Society of humaneness.

These three maxims imply that firstly, one must sharpen the intellect and the capacity for spiritual discrimination. Next, intelligence has to be used in the service of society. Thirdly, service must be based on Dharma or righteousness. Nonviolence is the supreme Dharma. One must never ever hurt or injure another person by thought, word, or action. If these three steps are followed, they would lead to Bliss.

However, human Birth is given for Salvation- Eternal-immortal Freedom of Soul from the mind and maya. Buddha did not achieve that Goal. Therefore Buddhism is a distorted path from that Goal. Path to nowhere land, be around struck in managing maya.

How can a person meditate as it is impossible to remove every thought from the mind?

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Every Meditation has a Goal.  Concentration is its Soul. Concentration is the Soul. Concentration is dispersed in the physical senses of the five organs. Concentration links the senses to the Brain/ Mind. Senses prompt thought. As long as one is engaged with thoughts one is not meditating.

The Formless Mind; the Mind is very subtle and pervades the entire body, Brain is its minister. The Soul serves the Mind. The Soul activates the breathing and this breath helps organs function and body to move. The Soul also connects the five senses with the mind.

 Working of Formless MInd; The Formless mind takes four forms in the body. Thought, Intellect, Consciousness and Ego. Just as water becomes ice and stream. Thought grasps the object; Intellect (Buddhi) examines arguments for and against; Consciousness (Chittam) understands the object by means of these; Ego (Ahamkara) changes the decision for or against and by attachment, the hold of slackens wisdom (Jnana) and drive one to action. These are the things they do.

 Meditation has Five Main objectives;

The Buddhist meditate on Intellect; Illumined intellect helps see the misery associated with thoughts and actions. Enlightened Mind helps artful living.

The Jains meditate on purification of Consciousness, eliminate animal tendencies, follow non violence and live like divine beings on the earth.

The Hindu Yogis Meditate on the Sounds/words that created the power and force behind the five Elements that constitute the universe and body, they attain miraculous powers and divine vision. Some concentrate on forms of Gods for Knowledge and grace.

 The Hindus meditate on the Self and realise bliss of Atma and its oneness. They declare “Aham Brahmasmi- I am divine”

The Spiritualist, Seekers of Truth and immortal world meditate on a knower of Truth-Satguru,who help attain immortality. The Soul attains Salvation from Mind and Maya.

How to stop the Thought; 

 The Simeran is the path to stilling the mind and body

It is not done with the Mala in the hand or number of counts.

But done with every breath.

With mentally reciting the Guru initiated mantra concentrated on the breath.

This process slowly and steadily seizes the body, stop the breath.

Then Sankalp (Thought) and Vikalp(Resolution) of Mind Stops

Only one pointed Concentration remains. You have reached the meditative state.

The whole body is mind, the Maya is born of mind, Body is the Maya, If you fix your concentration- Dhyan on any point within the body, you are deluded by the Maya.

Therefore, Fix your Concentration on Guru, Like Ekalavya did. (Dhyan Moolam Guru Roopam.) That Guru should be a Maha Yogeshwer or Satguru. A Satguru is a complete Guru, he leads you to the truth.

Guru becomes the Guide in the inner world- the unknown Zone.

Out of Body and free from thoughts are near death experience, with the grace of a real Satguru it becomes simple- easy path.

Ref; Kabir Sagar

Almighty God gave Veda to ancient Indians directly but sent illiterate messengers to other lands, why?

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Confusion Helps God, his system of control.

It is nowhere but in this India that people have contemplated-meditated on the higher powers of Nature that sustained and influenced their lives, And that too about 60,000 years back, in the latter part of Satya Yuga.

God has divided the cycle of creation into four divisions in the ratio 4:3:2:1. He created a system of Yuga Dharma that is unique to each yuga. Kali Yuga is favorable and it is easy to attain immortality. But then God has confounded humanity with many religious dharmas.

Vedas are in Sound form as seed. Just like we have memory Card that contains massive data. Human beings need extraordinary memory to retain and recollect them. But, God gives such memory only in the Satya Yuga and Treta Yuga. In this Kali Yuga God opens up and loads human minds with worldly desires.

There is a creator of Almighty God and Goddess, the higher unmanifested eternal Lord of Truth-Satya Purush, His world is eternal and free from the elements. ( BG 8.20–21) He sends a Knower of truth- Satguru into India with the power to free Souls from Almighty God’s world, In Kali Yuga, he can free and take as many Souls as he wishes to the eternal world (BG 2.16 & 4.34), God cannot stop him. However, God does not want too many to leave his domain.

  • God Sri Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, some 5750 years back; 2.16. The unreal hath no being; there is no non-being of the Real; the truth about both has been seen by the knowers of the Truth-Satguru. 4.34. Know that by long prostration, by questioning and by service, the wise who have realized the Truth will lead you on that path. 8.20. But verily there exists, higher than the unmanifested (formless God), another unmanifested Eternal who is not destroyed when all beings are destroyed.
  •  Spiritualist Sant Kabir Sahib says (1398-1518)Jo Rakshak Tahan Chinhat Nahin, Jo Bhakshak Tahan Dhyan Lagayi.Sahib Kabir says that all are engaged in worshipping the destroyer & none cares for worshiping One who is the real well-wisher of all.
  • Religions are unaware of the existence of a creator of Almighty God and Goddess.

Therefore, In the Kali Yuga, he sends many messengers to other countries of this world and creates confusion in the path of devotion, that can give immortality. Some want a third temple, Some preparing for the Judgement day and some for the return of their messenger and some for the End time or rapture. the world has lost peace and inner joy. People create many Religions and become egoistic just about culture, rituals and the faith. This way, eternal freedom eludes them. Souls do not belong to God, they are bound by him with the body. Allah Ka Bhande. World of Soul is outside this cosmos- the 4th world, Amarlok. It needs help to free and reach home.

However, Indians by way of maturity in devotion, wisdom, and attitude of submission gain by the appearance of Satguru in their land. They can easily attain eternal freedom-Salvation by Surrender. Therefore, God makes their faith vulnerable to outside influence. God also creates 12 false Satgurus to divert people away from the real Satguru. The true Naam(Satya Naam) is with Satguru and the True Veda is Suswam Veda given by Satya Purush. Satya Naam frees our Soul from Mind and Maya( God and Goddess) and Suswam Veda leads the Soul to Amarlok.

  • Yeh sansar kal ko desha. Bina Naam nahin katey kalesha.

Sant Kabir Says; This world of flux and pain is the abode of Almighty Kal Niranjan. None can seek liberation from the worldly sorrows and sufferings without getting blessed with Naam.

  • Santo So Nij Desh Hamara. Jahan Jaye Hans Na Aye, Bhav Sagar Ki Dhara. Kahain Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho, Teen Lok Se Neyara.

O Saints! Our real abode (Amarlok) is that from where a Hansa (Souls) never returns to this worlds of Almighty Niranjan. Kabir Sahib says that unlike the three worlds of Niranjan, our (Soul) abode is a rare one.

It will be very difficult for non-Indians to digest and understand this Secret. They will remain quarreling on the messages of their prophets. It serves God’s purpose.

Truth finally Prevails

Those who make the false claim to the title; Sadhu, Sant or Satguru are heading towards prisons, many already are in the prison and others await their turn here or in the other world.

Human birth is attained after spending lives in lower life forms for 4000 years. Immortality is easy in this Iron age, however, religions, intellect, and mind can help attain heaven but they cannot give immortality. for that one has to surrender all to a Knower of Truth- Satguru.

Here, God is an unyielding temporary custodian, warden of the prison called three worlds. Satguru is the supreme Judge who has the power to free the Soul.  Nevertheless, the vast majority will trade off this opportunity for the tinsels and fleeting pleasures of this delusional worlds due to ignorance and misguidance.

Who is the writer of the Bhagavad Gita?

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My answer to Who is the writer of the Bhagavad Gita?

Answer by Samarasan:

Bhagavad Gita was collected and compiled by Ved Vyasa. Arjuna asked questions randomly to sri Krishna.

We know that Krishna and Arjuna were living together for well over eighty years, were meeting each other very often and talking to each other like friends. But at no time in those eighty odd years did Lord Krishna ever try to teach anything of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.

It was only after eighty years of their living together and that, too, in the battlefield, and that again under some special circumstances, that the Krishna wanted to give him the contents of the Bhagavad Gita and give Arjuna a position of authority and competence from where he could do something.

Arjuna argued with Krishna and put many logical ideas before him. During that time, Krishna did not teach him the sacred Gita. Only after he surrendered completely, did he teach Arjuna the Gita.

He had the forethought, all the suffering and all the miseries that are likely to accrue if he fought this war, were thought of even before he commenced the war. He asked the question, why do I kill all my relations and all my elders?

He said that he would rather go out and beg for his food than ask for the kingdom after killing all these people. He further said that apart from the kingdom that he would get if he won this war, even if he was promised heaven itself if he won the war, he would not be willing to enter the war and kill all his relations. He would rather give up both. He prayed to Krishna to get him out of this mess.

BG 18. 67. This (Gita) is never to be spoken by thee to one who is devoid of austerities, to one who is not devoted, nor to one who does not render service, nor who does not desire to listen, nor to one who cavils at Me.

Krishna and Arjuna appears as incarnation of human in every Cycle of Four Yugas in Dwapar Yuga. They Give Gita for Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is yuga of Sant.

Who is the writer of the Bhagavad Gita?

Does Sri Sri Ravi Shankar do Sudarshan Kriya?

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My answer to Does Sri Sri Ravi Shankar do Sudarshan Kriya?

Answer by Samarasan:

SuDharsan – Auspicious Sighting, it means, Be good, and See Good . Kriya is action. Therefore those actions that enables you to be good and therefore see good in life. From vedic point Poorva mimansa (Karm-Mimamsa) of Jaimini and Uttara Mimamsa ( Based on Upanishad) of Ved Vyas are guide lines. Either one take to kriya or Jnana, Kriya is useful for the ordinary people. Kriya Yog takes one to Jnana Yoga.

Sudarshan Kriya is an intense rhythmic breathing pattern that brings about social, emotional, mental, and physical well being. It is well known for its effectiveness in reducing stress. Just like nature has its different cycles and rhythms, our emotions, mind, and bodies also have biological rhythms.

It means you have overcome the six inner enemies Kam (desire), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (attachment), Mada (pride) and Matsarya (envy), purified your consciousness. Your intellect is full of Sattva Guna. Do a self audit or Ask your wife and children, what do they see in you. whether you have overcome all these negative influence in daya to day life.

Certain work which are monotonous creates stress and fatigue this can be overcome by interpreting monotonous work and take up a different job than revert back to continue the the same work you did earlier. Change of work refreshes. Those work which involves fraud, corruption, wickedness create tension and stress has debilitating effect on body as well as mind.

A real guru will not permit his disciple to commit bad deeds in the first place. Leave alone remedial measures. He will expect disciple to endure punishment. Guru enlightens the heart of disciple. Than Kam (desire), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (attachment), Mada (pride) and Matsarya (envy) comes under control Than Yama and Niyama are easy to observe in life. Disciple has not stress or strain after that. Pranayama will be used to develop concentration, Than Meditation help ekagratha – one pointed Concentration. That is the path to reach Goal.

Meditation for What; This has various objectives, Goals.

  • To relax stress from mind & Body- Pranayama
  • To improve concentration, for studies, work, research etc. One pointed Concentration- Stillness from dispersed concentration (Wandering Mind). Control of Prana with pranayama.
  • To seek help- chose one God with form. Concentration on the heart seat.
  • To illumine Intellect- enlightenment, Observe Thoughts as a witness.
  • To purify Consciousness ( Chitta suddhi), to manifest God consciousness
  • To obtain divine powers. Eye centre with Sound Alak Niranjan
  • For Transcending time, for Vedas and Wisdom- Take Prana into Agya chakra with Onkaar Sound
  • For Sabdh – Anhad dhuni – celestial Music and travel. Take Prana into Bunk Nal with Sohang Sound.
  • To travel outside the Body into cosmos:Concentrate on top of forehead with Sat sound.
  • To become a Maha Yogeshwer and travel in to 7 worlds of Formless God; take prana in to sushumna and concentrate on Rrankar Sound.
  • To attain Truth (Meditate on Knower of Truth- Satguru)

PURIFICATION- Prerequisite

Yama (giving up attachment to the body): Non Violence-Ahimsa , Truthfulness-Satya, Asteya, Celibacy- Brahmacharya, Compassion-Daya, sincerity -Aarjavam, Forgiveness-Kshama, Dhrthi, Moderation in food-Mitha aharam, cleanliness- Soucham;

Niyama (purity):Santhosha- Joy, Asthika Buddhi-Spiritual discrimination, Daana- Charity, Easwara Puja- Worship, Vedanta Vakya sravana- Study of Scriptures, Lajja- sense of Shame, Mathi- Intellectual inclination, Japam-Recitation- in the breath, Vratham-Fasting

For Higher path Brahmacharya-Celibacy, living in solitude, moderate speech—these conditions too have to be strictly observed.

Is Mr Ravi doing Sudharsan Kriya, I do not know. However, they do promote entertainment- music and dance as medium of stress relief. Similar to Yog Guru selling cosmetics and Jene pants.

Does Sri Sri Ravi Shankar do Sudarshan Kriya?